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  • Mothers Helper Doula Services
  • What Do I Offer?

    I offer an approach to supporting my clients that enables them to access all of my talents, and resources.

    You may be spending many hours with your doula in the same room and it will be a particularly vulnerable time for you. It is important that you choose a doula you feel very comfortable with. Please browse the site and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. After our first interview, please call me if you have further questions, or if I can help you in any way to come to a decision. My goal is that you have the birth you want. I follow and believe in the mission statement set forward by CAPPA (

    My Training and Experience

    I am wife, and mother of 4 children.
    I started attending the births of friends in 1998, and then decided that I loved being with families during child birth, as well as helping them with breastfeeding. I really enjoyed helping them get into positions that made their experience better.In November 2005, I completed a basic training course through CAPPA. I then completed my certification. I have taken several weekend courses on herbs and homeopathy, as well as massage reflexology and other techniques that offer comfort measures. I am able to work with both obstetricians and midwives
    I am also Breastfeeding Counselor, and Childbirth Educator. My services are available to families in the Windsor Essex County area. I am also able to travel to Amhurstburg and Leamington.

    Some of the Services I offer Include:

    Labour Doula Package:$650.00

    (Price may vary if child birth education is needed. This fee can come in installments, and I also am able to work on a sliding scale.) 1-2 Prenatal visits and information on links and resources so you can make informed decisions.
    Introduction to a potential back up doula
    Identification of your priorities for the birth
    Meeting with your care provider if desired
    Frequent Consultation from hire to 6 weeks postpartum
    24-on call from 37 to 42 weeks,unlimited text, email and phone support
    Support throughout the labour at home, and hospital. Assistance with breastfeeding and postpartum care up until baby is 6 weeks old, or if you no longer need my services before that time.

    Labour and birth support

    I focus on answering questions, and helping you find answers, and getting baby into the best position for a good childbirth. I assist the mother and her support person through the labour and birth. At home and after arriving at the Hospital.

    Childbirth Education

    The education classes I offer help you prepare for your pregnancy and childbirth vary s depending on your needs. I offer personal classes and small groups as well. A large range of topics are covered such as information on common procedures, as well as terminology so you can make the best decisions for you and your family. My focus is on knowing your body, and on breastfeeding support as well as what to expect when you bring your baby home. Phone and e-mail support is available through out the pregnancy and into the postpartum period.

    Belly casting(resources)

    If you would like a 3 dimensional image of your beautiful belly, Belly casting is fun and memorable.I can tell you where to get the supplies

    Birth Planning/Support

    Everyone should write down a plan. This gives you an idea of what you strongly want, and what isn't as big a deal to you. I can supply you with the information so you can make the best birth plan for you and your family.

    Pre term Birth Support

    Breastfeeding Support

    Ongoing support as needed and extensive referral services. Frequently new moms need a little extra help getting breastfeeding off to a good start. I have 18 years of breastfeeding experience.
    All of my children have been breastfeed and since 1997 I have assisted moms both at La Leche League meetings and privately.
    I can help with issues such as positioning baby at the breast, proper latch, engorgement and nipple or breast pain.

    I offer many different options.
    A: ($150.00) You can have me at the hospital waiting for you to have your baby, and I would stay for 2-3 hours after to make sure you have gotten off to a good start. I will come to the hospital during your stay, and will come and help you settle in at your home.If you need me to come out more then once there is a discount for the second time.
    B:(80.00 about 3 hours) You can call me as soon as you are in recovery. I can come up assess and watch you latch your baby, as well as offer some suggestions.If you need me to come out more then once there is a discount for the second time.
    C:(50.00 approximately 2 hours) You can call me when you go home, and I will sit with you, ask about your birth experience, assess and watch you latch your baby, and offer some suggestions. If you need me to come out more then once there is a discount for the second time)
    **all options include unlimited texting support.

    My fee is negotiable. If you are unable to pay me the prices listed, PLEASE tell me and we can work something out. I do not ever want you to feel like you could not get the support you needed because of money.
    Breastfeeding your baby should not hurt.
    No one should suffer with painful nursing.

    I can also refer to certified lactation consultant,or another lay lactation consultant,or a La Leche League leader to help with other problems.

    Breastfeeding and babywearing

    Babywearing instruction and expertise with many styles of carriers

    Postpartum Support or Connection with a postpartum doula

    Cesarean Recovery Support

    All Carrier Directions

    Upcoming Events I will be attending

  • Babywearing Classes @ International Breastfeeding Challenge
  • Sweetheart Diapers and more. Monthly. Please contact for most recent workshop.
  • International babywearing Conference 2014
  • Email me for details


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